The band hasn't been touring for a while, and there's no telling when they're going to start up again. But when they do, you'll hear about it here first.


Mono Puff's Robin Goldwasser (a.k.a. Sister Puff) is reported to be the lead vocalist on a new They Might Be Giants song, written and recorded for the upcoming Austin Powers sequel. The new song, named "Dr. Evil" presumably after the film's dastardly villain, and is slated to be used as the opening credit music for the movie. Judging from the success of the first Austin Powers film, this kind of exposure could be very beneficial for the band, leading to videos and more soundtrack deals.

The Mono Puff song "Backstabbing Liar" can be heard in the motion picture "The Rage: Carrie 2". The song is heard for a good 30 seconds to a minute during the film, which is longer than any pervious occurrence of a They Might Be Giants song in a movie. As it turns out, a Bar-None representative pulled some strings to have the song appear in the film. Oddly enough, the song was not included on the actual movie soundtrack.

Last updated on April 9, 1999