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  • The Devil Went Down To Newport
    The devil went down to Newport town.
    He brought his red surf board to race against the Lord.
    It was totally rocking.
    Satan told his girl, "I'm gonna ride a curl."
    He caught a heinous wave and he gave the crowd a wave.
    It was totally rocking.
    They were surfing for souls to the beat of rock and roll. Alright.
    Next came God's turn. He got a wicked sunburn.
    He didn't use lotion while he was parting the ocean.
    It was totally rocking.

    God said to Satan "Dude I'm sick of waiting.
    In order to win, Chuck you've got to hang ten."
    It was totally rocking.
    Thing were looking rad, oh yeah, for the forces of bad. Alright.
    Satan went surfing. He didn't need a board.
    He could not hang ten. He could only hang four.
    Satan had a problem. He could not compete.
    Satan was hindered by his cloven feet.
    It was totally rocking. Go go Satan go