• Guitar Was The Case
  • Unsupervised, I Hit My Head
  • Don't Break The Heart
  • Distant Antenna
  • The Devil Went Down To Newport
  • What Bothers The Spaceman?
  • Hello Hello
  • Dr. Kildare
  • So Long Mockingbird
  • Careless Santa
  • Don't I Have The Right?
  • To Serve Mankind
  • Nixon's The One
  • What Bothers The Spaceman?
    Far from the crowd, he's the day watchman.
    Walk past the trees he used to swing from.
    What bothers the spaceman? The teeth in his head?
    I'm sure he could smile for us.
    Wave to the people out on the lawn. Mr. Ellis and Mr. Lee.
    Mr. Lee and me.
    What bothers the spaceman? What's left for him now?
    I'm sure he could smile for us.
    Lee Lee Lee Lee