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Ron Ferraro
John Flansburgh vocals, guitars
Hal Cragin bass
Steve Calhoon drums
DJ ***** (Five Star) turntables, percussion
Jay Sherman Godfrey guitar
Eric Schermerhorn lead guitar on 1
Joe McGinty keyboards on 2 and 4
Mark Feldman violin on 3
Produced by Pat Dillett and John Flansburgh
1, 2, 3, Flansburgh
Published by Mono Puff Music, admin. Warner-Tamerlane Publishing Corp. (BMI)
4 Scott McCaughey
MacNor Music (BMI), admin. by Bug Music

This disc, like "The Hal Cragin Years" was also released solely through the Hello CD of the Month Club. It was released for the month of December, as a replacement for a "Hello Family: Back To School Special" that was originally promised. The EP contains four tracks, and runs about 10 minutes. Part of the song "Poison Flowers" was re-recorded and sung by Flans for use in a Coca Cola radio commercial . "Hillbilly Drummer Girl" was often performed live during Mono Puff's tour in 1996. Flans has been known to say that the song is about Steve Calhoon's sister, but in actual fact, it is really a cover of a song by the Young Fresh Fellows. Once again, Eric Schermerhorn joins Mono Puff on this EP, as well as Jay Sherman-Godfrey of The World Famous Blue Jays.


  • Backstabbing Liar
  • Poison Flowers
  • Night Security featuring Barry Carl
  • Hillbilly Drummer Girl