This isn't the only Mono Puff page on the net worth looking at. Take a look at some of these other Mono Puff pages, as well as other pages closely, and not-so closely tied in with the band.

There aren't many Mono Puff pages around, but the ones listed here are the best of the lot. Hopefully some more worthy pages will spring up soon, but until then, it's slim pickings. Enjoy.

Rykodisc Mono Puff Page
What used to be a rather interesting page about the band has been replaced with a somewhat lack-luster and common look at Mono Puff. Before, the Rykodisc Mono Puff site contained a lot of interesting stuff, including a fake resume presumably written by Flans, a write-up of each song on the "Unsupervised" album along with goofy pictures, an order form to purchase the album. Now it's simply a brief run-down of the band members, a short message from Flans and the track listing of "Unsupervised".

Bar/None Records
Mono Puff's new label, Bar/None Records, now has a section on their site for the band. It also lists all the current tour dates for Mono if you couldn't find them on this page!

SonicNet Mono Puff Page
This site looks good, but doesn't have too much in the way of fascinating information. It does, however, have the transcript from a July 1996 online chat with Flans, and a report of a Mono Puff performance in Boston in June 1996.

Tongue Interview With John Flansburgh Page
Check out the Real Audio interview with John Flansburgh on the Tongue-zine. Flans discusses the new Mono Puff album and the upcoming They Might Be Giants record. He also reveals some interesting facts about their relationship with Rykodisc and Elektra Records and he even mentions the Unofficial Mono Puff Webpage...yes, the one you're on right now!

TDK's Mono Puff Page
This lucky gent was able to take some photographs of Mono Puff at their Mercury Lounge shows, and he's posted all of them on his page. He also has some MP3s of new Mono Puff songs.

Oh, who am I kidding? They are all They Might Be Giants pages. But since Mono Puff is a spin-off of They Might Be Giants, I feels it's justifed.

They Might Be Giants Unofficial Page
It may be 'unofficial', but this page has all the information you'll ever need about They Might Be Giants. Lyrics, chords, interpretations, discographies, tour dates, you name it, they've got it. You can also find out how to join the TMBG mailing list, or leave a message on the TMBG message board. Lots of other fun stuff like the Flans Mr. Potato Head page, and TMBG trivia. Don't be left out, go now!

They Might Be Giants Official Page
The official page for They Might Be Giants, very nicely designed and chock full of interesting tidbits. Lots of sounds and pictures, stuff written by the Johns for the TMBG newsletter, as well as an order form if you're brave enough to purchase TMBG items over the web.

They Might Be Giants FAQ
Before you ask that stupid question, read the TMBG FAQ. Most likely you'll find your answer in this all-encompassing list of frequently asked questions about TMBG written by John Relph. You'll no doubt save yourself some embarrassment.

They Might Be Giants Discography
Once again, John Relph brings you a most complete list, this time of TMBG's recorded works, which includes any and all solo and side projects for both Johns.

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