• Creepy
  • Its Fun To Steal
  • Poison Flowers
  • Mr. Hughes Says
  • Imaginary Friend
  • Taste The Bass
  • Extra Krispy
  • Dedicated
  • Backstabbing Liar
  • Hillbilly Drummer Girl
  • Dashiki Lover
  • Pretty Fly
  • I Just Found Out What Everybody Knows
  • Night Security
  • Mr. Hughes Says
    Interpretation by Emble
    When John put together this list of masculine-feminine pairs (stylus/disc, key/lock, lady/lord), he HAS to have intended "The Birds and The Fly" as a BRILLIANT play on the old beautiful-girls and aggressive-penetrating-boys cliche, "the birds and the bees." Brilliant work from John - G-d knows I don't find myself STINGING anyone nearly as often as I find myself saying "help meeeeee," and I and my fellow men too often don't 'have' stingers so much as we seem to 'be' them - slowly we turn into these ugly phalli we have to hide from the world so as to save it from fear or embarrassment. And of course there are lots of precedents in our literature for finding the 'birds' to be an impersonal obliterating force, especially when they act en masse.

    MOTTO by Langston Hughes.

    I play it cool
    And dig all jive -
    That's the reason
    I stay alive.
    My motto,
    As I live and learn,

    Dig and be dug
    In return