Here you go, boys and girls...the new and improved Mono Puff FAQ. This version of the FAQ contains the more obscure questions about Mono Puff. You won't find questions like "Does Mono Puff have a music video?" here, because answers to those kinds of questions can be found just by reading contents of these pages. Instead, you'll find the more intriguing and interesting questions...ones you may have been asking yourself. Clearly, however, this FAQ is still under construction, so if you have any more questions that you feel should be included here, please don't hesitate to send them to me, Alex Gershon, at and I'll do my best to find the answers for you. Thank you, and enjoy.
Q: Is it true that Mono Puff did a Coke commercial?

A: Well, yes and no. Flans did indeed create a radio commercial for Coca Cola which was meant to sound as if someone was riding the radio dial and stopping on a bunch of fake song bites that had to do with Coke. Flans sang all these songs, one of which is a version of Poison Flowers from the Steve Calhoon Years EP, with the lyrics "cherry cola" changed to "Coca Cola". The commercial was about 60 seconds and played for a brief time on American radio. You can download the entire commercial for yourself right here:

Q: Are there any new Mono Puff songs that haven't been released yet?

A: With the release of It's Fun To Steal, the number of unreleased Mono Puff songs has decreased dramatically. Nevertheless, there are still a handfull of songs that have not yet been recorded for commercial release. The most interesting of the lot is the alternate version of Backstabbing Liar, which currently only appears on the tape sampler of It's Fun To Steal. It has been speculated that this version will be the B-side on the first single which is apparently going to be Backstabbing Liar. Other songs that have not been recorded or released come from live Mono Puff performances. These include Girls, I Beat The Wiz and something known as The People's Court Theme. There are also songs from their 1996 tour, such as Bad Liquor and Everything Happens To Me that have never been released.

Q: What's Up With HELLO?

A: Even though this question isn't directly related to Mono Puff, it still applies since Mono Puff got their start through Hello. Unfortunately though, Hello is dead and buried. In late 1996, John Flansburgh's Hello CD of the Month Club closed it's doors forever. The club couldn't keep up with the barage of new subscriptions and was having trouble filling the old ones on time. Many people who subscribed, myself included, had to wait a long long time before receiving all or even some of their CDs, and some folks still don't have any. In May of 1997, John Flansburgh sent out following the letter along with the two Mono Puff EPs and the You Were Spiralling CD...the three final CDs for 1996:

However, it is still possible to order the last four years of Hello (1993 - 1996) either individually or all together as a specially priced "Super Monster Pack". Each year is going for $43.00 and the Monster Pack is $160.00 for all four years. If you are interested in ordering some of Hello's back catalogue, you can write them at the following address, but do so at your own risk:

PO Box 551
Palisades, NY

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